• Organization

    We take a hard look at your organization to see it has the right resources.

  • Product

    Market assessments, technology planning, a product roadmap.

  • Marketing

    Long and short term brand development and positioning.

  • Sales

    Define the execution of achieving the organizational goals.

Today’s business environment is replete with many puzzles, some of which have multiple options for effective solution. The more complex the puzzle, the more complex and significant each of the solution options becomes. Strategies for dealing with the parts of the puzzle that do not appear to fit are ‘fix or fail’ challenges that a competitive business must evaluate and solve.

Strategis Advisors is a collaboration of industry veterans who have held a variety of roles in a broad range of industries. We have experience in acquisition, in the sale of companies, in business development, and in strategy and organizational design. We have held roles in OEM, Distribution, B2C and B2B channels. The team has expertise in international as well as domestic channels.

Strategis’ organizational strategy is to guide companies through any or all of the very complex and sometimes incomplete puzzles faced by a business in the very complex and detailed world that is the business reality of today. We are available for short or long term assignments. We are reasonably priced and present credible and extensive references.


We offer expertise in:

  1. Business Development
    • OEM
    • B2B
    • B2C
  2. Organizational Design and Strategy
    • Organizational Assessment
    • Organizational culture development
    • Strategic planning
  3. Product and Technology Planning
    • Product roadmapping
    • Product management
    • Product launch
    • Technology evolution
  4.  Marketing
    • Branding
    • Brand Positioning
    • Internal Communications
    • Press Relations
    • Web Site development & maintenance
  5. Business Plan development and writing