Our Team

Mal Hollombe has over 30+ years of multi-industry experience involving aviation, automotive security, navigation, television interconnect, home theater, wireless audio and internet systems markets. These have included OEM as well as direct to consumer exposure. Mal has held Senior ‘C’ and ‘E’ level roles as a Director, VP-GM and President in mature businesses involving acquisitions, turnaround strategies, and pure startups that were bootstrapped to their successes. Mal’s focus is on the core business development requirements that include business and strategic planning, sales and marketing team development and the broader looks at what will be required to achieve short and long term success.

With many contacts in Asia and the U.S.A. for Industrial Design, Engineering, Product Development and Manufacturing, Mal has a plethora of resources to call upon in a broad variety of functional areas. OEM and Direct to Consumer skills are in the portfolio of Mal’s background and experiences. Attention to the big picture makes the details much easier to prioritize. Mal brings significant analytic and fresh outlooks to problem solving. His career has been primarily as a change agent. He has honed significant staff development skills and uses an “internal resources first” mentality to each of his roles.

Rex Whitehead is a 30-year veteran of the consumer electronics industry, holding roles as an upper management director and VP for leading international companies among which are Pioneer Electronics and Rockford Corporation. Taking more than 20 brands to the next level during his career, Rex’s focus is on product development, sourcing, sales/marketing (both domestic and international), business strategy and planning, and competitive landscape assessment. This has allowed him to garner high level business relationships across the U.S. and in more than 30 countries.

In addition to 12Volt and home theater consumer electronics, Rex’s experience has also allowed him to venture into related markets such as the marine, nanotechnology and sports-related equipment. Strong intuitive and analytical skills provide Rex the ability to work closely with sales, marketing, and engineering personnel to optimize the fit of products to real market demands. His proven track record and diversity across a variety of unique yet interlinked markets has developed and provided valued experience for Rex to broaden the reach of his clients’ message and grow their products, brands. The results have been exponential bottom line domestic and global growth.